Wortmann Group stays on course - with half-year sales of one billion euros

The WORTMANN Group is pleased with the businesse’s development in Germany and abroad in the first half of 2022. The company expects to announce sales of another 2 billion euros by the end of the year. In the first two quarters, sales of around 1 billion euros were achieved. The WORTMANN Group holds shares in more than 25 companies.

Siegbert Wortmann remains realistic: “The effects of the corona virus pandemic were still being felt in the first half of 2022. There was a shortage of different components and distribution items for various reasons. These shortages are also because of the war in Ukraine. We hope for an improvement in this situation in the second half of the year.”

Nevertheless, the year 2022 is unfolding in a satisfactory economic framework for the WORTMANN Group, thanks to its cross-functional orientation and its strong position in the German market. In this context, the family business WORTMANN AG continues to hold the largest share with a semi-annual turnover of almost 500 million euros.

 The other members of the WORTMANN group are in the IT field, as well as in the non-IT field. BAB Distribution GmbH has approximately 100 million euros turnover and Kosatec has approximately 250 million euros in turnover, WORTMANN Telecom has 50 million euros in turnover, Roda as a military computer specialist or the MCD company, specializes in solutions in the medical sector, with respectively 20 and 20 L’IT, the WORTMANN group companies contributed 10 million euros to the excellent semi-annual results.

 The 2022 semi-annual turnover of the non-IT sector is stable at more than 60 million euros. Associated companies such as WORTMANN Leasing and Factoring together achieved sales of more than 10 million euros in the first half of the year. Westfalia Germany and Westfalia United States, as suppliers of automatic logistics systems,  respectively achieved sales of approximately 25 million euros and 20 million euros in the first half of 2020. In addition, W&K Gehäusebau, the construction company S+W Bau and TERRA Gebäudetechnik also contributed around 5 million euros.

The highlight of the first semester was the TERRA WORTMANN OPEN in Halle/Westphalia. The namesake of what is probably the biggest and most important tennis tournament in Germany has been the Wortmann Group since 2021. A top-notch group of participants with several top 10 players and around 100,000 spectators made the tournament a major seven-day event. Many Wortmann Group companies invited many customers and partners.

 The company founder is enthusiastic about the development of TERRA e-sports GmbH, founded at the beginning of this year. “As an experienced PC manufacturer, we want to play an important role in shaping the market in the years to come”, concluded Siegbert Wortmann.