Why work with us?



An important work ethic that we take to heart. We know how to work with all kinds of business, from small orders to high volume orders
After several years in this business, we have developed numerous skills and maintained close contacts with the decision makers of the manufacturers - our partners highly benefit from this!
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Our fast-paced daily business requires reliable partnerships.
Reacting appropriately to the market situation and meeting the different needs of our partners have become our strengths over the years.
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Short and simple decision-making processes
Thanks to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of distribution in our teams, our decision-making processes are short and simple, and guarantee fast and smooth support when processing orders.

Our goal is to grow with our partners

True to our motto “efficient, reliable and fast”, we work closely with manufacturers. We pass on the resulting benefits to our partners, so that they can be equally strong and reliable partners in their business relationships. This is how we grow together.

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